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Business Setup and Advice

When setting up a business, whether it be for the first time or as part of a wider corporate portfolio, the right support and advice can be invaluable. 

We offer a complete new business start-up service that covers everything you need to get started in business alongside personalised advice tailored to you and your company or sole trader venture. Support for new businesses includes:  


- Company formation - This includes all administration and paperwork to get you formally up and running ready to trade.


- Advice on taxation - We will give you comprehensive advice on you new duties as a business owner and the tax implications.


- Payroll - For directors of Limited companies we can set up and run directors rate salaries for tax efficiency. In addition to this we can advise you on the implications of becoming an employer if you wish to take staff on and also help you to meet your obligations with The Pensions Regulator.

- VAT - We will discuss with you whether your business does, or is likely to, meet the conditions requiring it to become VAT registered. We will then help you to integrate this into your business and, if you wish, process your VAT returns to be submitted to HMRC.


- Bookkeeping advice - We will work with you to find the easiest, most convenient solution for you bookkeeping, be this a digital solution via cloud based software, a paper-based system for yourself to utilise or our in-house assistance.


- Day-to-day help and advice as required - Our staff are always available, in person, by email and at the end of the phone to answer any day to day queries you may have.

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