Accounts /
Book Keeping

Careful record-keeping is essential in any business for tax, managerial, and financial statement purposes.

You must have accurate supporting records and receipts for income deductions, and other information for preparation in the completion of your tax return.

If you are looking to finance the expansion of your business, or decide to merge or sell your business, accurate professional accounts/book-keeping will be essential. If you just want to know how well or not-so-well your business is doing, you will never know the full picture without the production of precise financial accounts.

Because accounting and book-keeping are such an integral and invaluable process, you should rely on a professional, hands-on consultant to address such needs.

We also have a lot of experience in assisting COMPANIES, INDIVIDUALS and PARTNERSHIPS that have difficulties in the day to day administration of their businesses, we can assist with this, enabling you to focus on your key business elements